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More than a Website

College Station area businesses and organizations need websites that do more than just advertising and marketing. An effective website must enable clients and customers in the Brazos Valley area to get what they need. We further that methodology and create websites that work for clients. Your clients shouldn’t have to work to use your website.

Common College Station web design needs include:

  • Real Estate Listing & Management
  • Student Account Management
  • Restaurant Ordering & POS
  • Lead Generation & CRM
  • eCommerce
  • Custom Websites

College Station Web Design

Brazos Valley organizations deliver unique experiences with a look and style all their own. Our web design enhances your organization’s brand with custom colors, fonts, layouts, style, user interface, and everything else it takes to make it stand out in Aggieland.

Web design for College Station takes deep consideration when it comes to content style and architecture. Your website’s text, images and video will resonate with and showcase your organization’s identity.

Your client’s interactive experience while on your site or app is a primary focus for our designers. Our websites and apps are streamlined, responsive and easy to navigate.

Web Design Review

Custom Website Development for Simpson Inventory Services
“Super professional work and some of the best work we’ve ever seen or experienced before.”

Written by: Doug Simpson 2015-12-09
Date published: 2015-12-1855

College Station Web Development

Websites serve an organization’s multiple needs, not just its marketing. Maintaining a beautiful presence is the key to successfully leverage the web. A beautiful presence is possible when a website combines form and function.

Many College Station web development projects benefit from combinations of websites and apps that include real estate listing solutions, online learning platforms, client relationship management platforms, and private communities/networks.

Mobile Ready / Responsive

Our websites and apps work on all devices and browsers. They’re responsive to a user’s device, browser and habits to create the best browsing experience possible.

Optimized for Search Engines and Speed

Users are impatient, willing to wait only a few seconds before moving on to the next result for their search. Our websites load quickly and serve potential customers with only relevant information. Fast load times won’t just keep your users happy. They factor tremendously into search engine ranking. Comprehensive, best practice approaches that build web platforms will incorporate caching, content delivery networks, and compressed code to increase visibility.

Security is Standard

Websites are exposed to all kinds of traffic from around the world. Some is good and some is not-so-good. As the popularity of web platforms grows, so does the need for security. Automated security is built into all our websites, with updates and advanced blocking rules to guarantee we’re protecting your assets.

Our Development Process

How We Build It

Our general approach to web development includes:

Discovery & Research
We start with a ton of research. We discover and analyze your competition’s marketing strategies, perform behavioral and demographic research on your target audience, and plug into important industry & market place news.

Define Creative Image and Message
Using the research found in step 1 we mix in your industry knowledge to test and determine what type of messages will resonate best with your target audience.

Design Functionality
Functionality of every website is outlined from business development needs and target audience desires.

Web Development
Once the creative direction is set, we develop the functional pieces that make up your website and package your branded message on the platform.

Track, Measure, Maximize
After launching your site, we track to measure its effectiveness on your business. Continual optimization the site continues to further refine messages and functional requirements as ROI dictates.



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