A Connected Web

Most people are familiar with the idea of “Six degrees of separation” that claims every person is no more than six steps away from you. The idea is that the degrees of separation are akin to a chain of people that introduce you to an unrelated person. As it turns out, that very idea has practical applications on the web and with how we interact with each other and various web presences.

The Web is HUGE

Currently, according to World Wide Web Size, there are over 14.33 billion indexed pages. It is commonly thought the World Wide Web doesn’t have any type of centralized organization and that companies like Google, Bing, and Yahoo attempt to organize all of that data and information in a user-friendly way.

All about the Connections

However, in a recently published article by Hungarian Physicist, Albert-László Barabási, out of approximately 1 trillion web documents, 14.33 billion web pages (including their video, images, and content) are connected poorly, loosely, or not at all, leading to dead ends.

A small number of pages and platforms (search engines, aggregators, social media platforms) that are highly connected and can be used to move from one web presence to another are lying across the web. Additionally, the major platforms have an organized hierarchy that revolves around country, region, and subject area. This means that people really do use search engines for research and purchasing.

A Diverse Web

A visual rendering of the current view of the web, as well as some analytical tools, can be found in the OPTE Project by Barret Lyon . After studying the digital rendering of the web organization, you can determine items like region, country, amount of traffic, traffic type, and numerous other statistics. These visualizations tend to look a lot like neural connections of the brain, a decentralized organization, or controlled chaos in a dynamic system.

In addition to being an incredible detailed visualization of the web, you can clearly tell from the amount of colors in the visualization that the web is both dynamic and diverse.

How to Connect

Also cited in the research by László Barabási, was that the connections tend to take the shortest path to the next related content or idea. This is a crucial advantage to this decentralized model. Even if a node or resource is removed from the web, the entire structure of the web responds automatically by finding the next/quickest path to the relevant information, exhibiting a built in model of efficiency and repair to the entire network or structure of the web.

Rationale dictates that in order to connect to your target audience or user base, you simply position yourself on platforms that your audience uses. In addition to this you also have to be relevant. That means that although your marketing efforts are scheduled and regimented, they still need to be unique to each user or you will not engage your audience. Questions around which platform is the best, where your target audience congregates, or how to serve up your web marketing campaigns in manners unique to each user should be answered in detail by your advertising agency.

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