5 Creative Ways Real Estate Developers Should Leverage Marketing for their New Properties

Developing a community is no easy feat, yet real estate developers have been doing so for years. The process requires a well-trained eye for visualizing an area’s potential as well as the tenacity to bring that vision to fruition. Developers that dare to take on this daunting challenge face numerous setbacks, many of which can be insurmountable.

One of the major roadblocks standing in the way of a development project’s success is identity. Naming a community is simply not enough. Real estate developers need to breathe life into the unique name they create. They must also shape the identity of the community around this brand name so that it expresses a true experience local residents want to adopt.

Paraphrasing the definition of a brand from Marty Neumeier’s methodology, a brand is a user’s gut feeling about their experience with a community. Shaping this gut feeling is vital for evolving a community beyond its infancy into a well-developed area lush with businesses, residents, and frequent visitors. To achieve this, a strong brand presence is required to establish the perfect community experience for users. Let’s take a look at 5 creative ways real estate developers should leverage marketing for their new properties.

Informational Website

Visiting an area from the comfort of your own home invokes a sense of accessibility. This welcoming sensation can encourage curious onlookers to tour your community in person. Give them what they want: a community website packed with useful information. Not just any website will do either. Your informational website should have a strong SEO configuration with schema markup. These features will transform your site into an efficient marketing hub for search engines, social media followers, press, and news agencies.

Once a visitor has found your community website, half the battle is over. The next front is design. Visually appealing and easy-to-use websites commonly acquire repeat visitors, with good reason. Users want to instinctively know how to navigate a website and get the information they need without any resistance. For example, with community events, include a curated event calendar that is packed with RSVP features and the latest data on individual venues. To help users get a feel for the community before visiting, provide interactive directories for the business and entertainment listings. Doing so helps onlookers find out about an establishment directly from your site and easily return to it once they are done without much effort.

Don’t forget to cater to users that are interested in becoming a permanent resident. Assist potential entrepreneurs and residents with their community assessment by providing virtual tours. These 3D renderings give users an in-depth look at your available commercial and residential spaces as well as the floor plans. Showing onlookers what your community has to offer them is an effective way to enhance your community brand.


Outside of the digital landscape, leverage the blank space you have available to create a community people are proud to be part of. Use vacant walls for brand messaging, detailed directions, and marketing campaigns where appropriate. Guide new visitors to their destination by erecting digital displays and information booths around the community. Develop your community brand further by enhancing the scenery with gorgeous building designs. Then embellish them with complementary colors and sophisticated artwork to establish the desired environmental impression.

Beautify Identity & Collateral

Drive home your community brand by physically reaching out to potential residents and visitors with collateral. Deploy branded flyers, brochures, and business cards specifically designed to generate brand chatter in your target audience. Take the time to further develop community brand image with well-placed signage. Strategically erecting large or small media signs in high traffic areas in and around your community may add a touch of class you didn’t know you were looking for.

Let new residents and businesses know they made a great choice by joining your community. Warmly welcome them by issuing a thank you gift upon moving in. Be sure to stay in touch with permanent residents by continuing to distribute thank you gifts over the years. These recurring gifts can be given out as thank you reminders for special events, anniversaries, birthdays, or other noteworthy occurrences.


Augmented and virtual reality technologies are futuristic advancements that real estate developers need in their toolkit. Augmented reality directories and directions make it possible to provide assistance to users when they need it most. Furthermore, you can implement these as a way to guide visitors directly to interactive virtual tours that show off various environments in the community. This exciting feature is designed to help your brand establish a distinct impression of fun.

Consider advancing your community further into the future by including interactive AEC and floor plans. These structural mappings digitally accentuate traditional flat and dull blueprints to provide a beneficial insight into what’s in store.

Curated Community Events

To assure that the populous is talking and thinking about what your community has to offer, keep your area in the public eye. Schedule ongoing and festive events throughout the year. Encourage communal gatherings by hosting live music concerts, group movie nights, and special holiday gatherings.

Invite private residents to selective member and community events that are focused on strengthening bonds. Also, don’t forget to celebrate with new and upcoming businesses along the way. Throw a fabulous grand opening as a welcoming and profitable way to encourage communal participation.

Help your community grow. Leverage marketing platforms and available space to develop your community brand. Aim to generate a palpable desire to be among those who reside in your area by implementing our creative tips today.