How Much Does Web Development Really Cost?

A free WordPress site can be created in a few hours, so it should be cheap to make a high-quality site that is loaded with features in a day, right?

Wrong. Freelancers that claim to provide a fully decked out website for under a grand typically lack substantial business experience. These inexpensive contractors produce low-quality, cookie cutter websites that are eventually hacked into. And it usually happens due to the freelancer’s oversight in security protocols.

Sure, the WordPress site they were hired to create may cost the client less than $600. Is it worth it to pay an inexperienced freelancer mediocre pay? Maybe. If you don’t factor in the amount of time wasted. Or your business’s soiled reputation.

Think about it from the customer’s perspective. If your company skimped on paying for a decent web developer, what does that say about your product or service?

Paying For Quality

Top-tier web developers bring a lot to the proverbial table. Professional developers know that in order to create a custom website, several important questions need to be asked. To prepare for this phase on your end, be sure to have answers for the following.

  • Why are you creating the website?
  • What kind of features does your site need?
  • Who is the website specifically for?
  • When do you anticipate launching the website?

Discussing the aforementioned issues with your web developer will help them to create a layout and wireframe for you. These are the blueprints of your website. Developers build upon these guidelines to design a high-quality website that closely matches your expectations.

The next step in the web development process is diligently sculpting the website, one line of code at a time. During this era, professional web developers carefully program each web page while improving the website’s overall security. This process can take several weeks, or even months, depending on the requested features, theme, and design.

Due to the complexity of this stage, a themed website with linked web pages can easily cost $20,000.

Consider it an Investment

With that price tag, bare in mind that you are paying for quality. Web developers respect the fact that your website is a digital representation of your business. They will take the time to make sure that each and every detail of your website is addressed.

Why? Because web developers take pride in what they do. Professional developers have the know-how and experience to create a business website you can be proud of. They understand that your website’s security is a major priority. How precious lost data and time truly is.

So, think of hiring a professional web developer as a small investment in your business’s future, that offers major rewards.