Foundry512 Wins Agency of the Year

Foundry512 is thrilled to have been named Agency of the Year for 2019 by Ad World Masters.

After analyzing over 160 data points per agency, Ad World Masters uses an advanced AI algorithm to rank every agency in their database with a score between 1 and 10. This year, Foundry512 scored high enough to earn a Silver Title for 2019. Out of the 10,900+ agencies registered in Ad World Masters’ database, only a select few per country are awarded this prestigious title.

Rather than having agencies self-report performance information, Ad World Masters uses independently collected data to ensure unbiased, accurate, and trustworthy results. The data they collect includes both digital and human-controlled data points to track content such as customer reviews, SEO rankings, social media, web performance, awards, and more. Ad World Masters aims to use only the most factual and objective data to create their annual agency rankings.

Foundry512 continually strives to raise the bar for their clients, this recognition proves they’re doing something right.

“This award was a nice unexpected win,” says agency president Aaron Henry, “and a KPI that shows our year of transition was totally worth it. Over 2019 we expanded services and capabilities due to some key recruitment. The addition of new talent in the agency has powered it to win multiple awards this season.”

As Foundry512 continues to recruit bright new talent and grow their services and capabilities, things like their agency score and award titles are going to keep growing, too. Already this year, Foundry512 was honored to accept a Silver Addy by the 2020 Austin AdFed Awards for their inspiring work on the Jägermeister Release Your Darke Spirit campaign. They also received an award from DesignRush for best marketing campaign.

Doing things right isn’t always easy. Foundry512 holds themselves to exceptionally high standards and takes the time to make sure they consistently meet them. Their primary goal is to do right by their clients and create work for them that works for them. Recognitions like these awards are a great validation that all that hard work is worth it, and that it’s not just clients who notice.