ALEGE - portfolio mockup


Founder of A.LEG.E, Edmundo Maldonado, began his law firm in 2003 after passing the bar exam. Upon becoming a certified lawyer, Maldonado quickly discovered that he had a knack for corporate labor disputes. Since this discovery, A.LEG.E has expanded substantially and now provides counsel to large corporations in Mexico, such as Inbursa Finance Group.


During the course of these events, the A.LEG.E law firm focused primarily on meeting the needs of their corporate clients. Due to this, the A.LEG.E website slowly became outdated. The law firm’s website relied heavily on flash scripts to display information. This design prevented potential clients from reaching out to A.LEG.E via their mobile devices. To make matters worse, the primitive web design could not be upgraded or self-managed. Even hosting the site presented pervasive challenges that were hard to maintain.


Our solution was to implement a new responsive layout that worked efficiently on PCs and mobile devices. A.LEG.E’s new resource-light website was designed to work effectively with an open source content management system. This made it possible for clients to log in to the website and remain updated with current affairs. Our innovative designs also made it possible for A.LEG.E’s website to support geo-targeting features by deploying information to a local server in Mexico.

To adhere to A.LEG.E’s estimated budget, we utilized images that were available under the creative commons license. Adding these images enhanced the overall feel of the website and made it look very professional. To further accommodate A.LEG.E’s clients, the site was designed to provide information in two languages: Spanish, as the default language, and English. In conclusion, A.LEG.E’s new website is now capable of meeting all of their client’s needs.