American Classic Tours & Music Festivals

American Classic Tours and Festivals - portfolio mockup


American Classic Tours & Music Festivals coordinates performance tours and music festivals for musicians and performing groups in community organizations, middle and high school, and college. Serving as a leader in student travel since 1986, AMCLASS escorts music groups to exotic and remote locations all over the world.


While the personalized travel service industry has shrunk over the years due to competitors like Travelocity, Expedia, and the like, the group travel industry has actually grown. And as the market continues to grow, so do the competitors. In turn, virtually all digital platforms group travel companies have drastically increased their digital marketing campaign budgets.

AMCLASS undergone a steady transition into a brand-forward customer service experience over the past two years. To build a better experience for their clients, AMCLASS needed to create an account billing system that allowed individual users to pay their trip accounts towards a group total. The system also needed to be flexible enough to handle any kind of group billing scenario. Finally, a responsive web presence was needed to reach mobile device users and recover long lost search rankings.


To help AMCLASS transition into the future, we implemented a client billing system based on WHMCS. This granted AMCLASS the ability to offer individualized group billing options to each traveler (not just on a “per-group” basis). The billing system let individual users log into and make payments on their trip accounts while development continued on the new website platform.

Next, we developed and designed a new responsive website platform to help new users find information on the website much faster. Users can now register for trips and festivals automatically. Finally, we migrated the initial billing system and users over to a custom system built off of WooCommerce. User accounts, including login credentials, transitioned seamlessly.

The sum value of the system with updated technology also helped to reclaim three non-branded search terms that were lost over two years ago. Outside of ranking for non-branded, AMCLASS also regained its brand authority over competitive and common keywords like “American Classic”.