Black Dawn Guns


Based out of Missouri, Black Dawn Armory is an up-and-coming gun manufacturer. They are responsible for creating several lines of hand and machine made firearms, uppers, lowers, barrels, including fan requests. Custom designs, such as the “Deadpool” sidearm, have attained viral success leading to Black Dawn Armory gaining a larger fan base as well as gun enthusiasts.


Since their start in Sedalia over three years ago, Black Dawn Armory has steadily increased their national presence. The gun manufacturer’s popularity led to the construction of a custom, indoor range. Black Dawn Armory equipped this area with the latest in air filtration, sound dampening, and pressure reduction to keep gun enthusiasts at the range longer. During this growth phase, Black Dawn Armory realized they needed to reach a broader audience to keep the company’s momentum going. Additionally, the gun manufacturer needed a way to sync their retail point of sale system to a custom website that updated dynamically in real time.


Foundry512 addressed the situation by building a responsive website visitors could access from any device or browser. Analyzing Black Dawn Armory’s search traffic provided interesting results as to how users found the website. Initially, visitors would check out the website on their mobile devices. Then, users would return at a later time via a desktop to make their purchase. To cater to this preference, Foundry512 optimized mobile users experience by reducing load times for those making quick searches.

With the mobile-friendly website launched, Foundry512 turned their attention to the integration of Black Dawn Armory’s point-of-sale system, Lightspeed Point of Sale. Combining this retail feature with the gun manufacturer’s WooCommerce platform made it possible for both online and offline systems to be in sync. As an order is placed on the new site, the in-store and online stock level is adjusted in real time according to the purchase. This intuitive two-way communication system assures that all current stock levels are accurate and up-to-date. Furthermore, the new POS system is designed to record all orders, customers, as well as other details, and send that information back to the retail store in real time. Due to the efficiency of the completed system, gun enthusiasts can be at the range, order ammo online, and pick it up at the armory within one minute.

Black Dawn Guns E-commerce Showcase by Foundry512 in Round Rock, Texas

Black Dawn Guns E-commerce Showcase by Foundry512 in Round Rock, Texas


A mobile-friendly, responsive website equipped with real-time point of sale integration for a full eCommerce experience.