The Position

Social Media Strategist

The Social Media Strategist develops and produces strategy for interactive campaigns and content that spans across all social media platforms and online channels. Creators for F512 craft compelling stories, messages and promotions that establish an emotional connection, invoke true brand loyalty and inspire real action through great experiences at every touch point. This role is exciting and demanding; it requires a bold, brave and innovative candidate. The Social Media Strategist leads teams, excels at managing complex projects and the client experience. Our team members are explorers, constantly venturing into the unknown. If innovative social media is your passion, keep reading.

The Role

The Social Media & Strategist develops paid and non-paid social media and content strategies, helping to grow our client’s business through a variety of online and social channels. The strategists helps to grow the client’s business and ensuring the team execution meets and exceeds client expectations. In this role, the Strategist insures that the agency provides:

  • Sound and responsible social media / content strategy and planning.
  • Proper and innovative execution of work in all areas on schedule.
  • A consistently superior creative product.

The role is client facing and has scope for career development and enhancing skills across a range of disciplines as certification from social advertising platforms is required.

The Requirements

The Social Media Strategist develops paid and non-paid social media and content strategies, helping to grow our client’s business through a variety of online and social channels. This position forges greatness for our clients to ensure their expectations are met and exceeded. This role is client facing, team oriented and provides for career development and skills enhancement through a range of creative disciplines. If you consistently produce a superior creative product, keep reading.

Contact Points

We want creators who are team oriented, innovative and not afraid to take a risk. A Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Advertising or Business is preferred. Experience as a strategist in a creative agency or digital agency is a plus. Our ideal team member would have a deep understanding of social advertising campaign management and optimization practices across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Strong organization, time management and communication skills are key to this position. The Social Media Strategist ideally has a mixture of creativity and analytical ability to design, execute and monitor complex plans for clients. If you are passionate, innovative and an excellent communicator, keep reading.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Social Media Strategist monitors the latest trends in social media and compiles weekly data for clients and colleagues. They create development strategies to solidify our client’s presence and increase their revenue by providing great experiences for users at every touch point. The Social Media Strategist position is collaborative within the agency. They manage content development, conduct online media and influencer outreach, and communicate regularly with clients on the status of projects. If you are a team player who produces results, keep reading.

Work with Us

At F512 we know visibility on the digital and traditional landscape is competitive. Only compelling content and thoughtful contributions to online conversations will deliver results. Our team is diverse and passionate; we believe in forging greatness. If this sounds like you, please apply.

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