Rheumatolog Disease Clinic of Houston - portfolio mockup


Founded in 1986, the Rheumatic Disease Clinic of Houston (RDCH) is one of the oldest treatment centers in America. RDCH’s ability to withstand the test of time is largely attributed to the company’s friendly staff and useful rheumatic disease treatments. Led by Dr. Samuel Pegram, RDCH is an all-inclusive facility that offers auxiliary services in addition to a patient’s normal treatment regime. Patients in need of RDCH’s services may locate the establishment south of the medical district in Houston, Texas.


Rheumatic Disease Clinic of Houston’s website lacked significant web presence. RDCH enlisted Foundry512 to improve brand awareness within the community. In addition, RDCH’s outdated site was not user-friendly and lacked important content in key areas, such as the landing page.


Foundry512 implemented a responsive, mobile-friendly website. This made it possible for patients to visit the site on any device. We updated the booking features to promote real-time appointment setting. Doing so made it possible for RDCH staff to confirm or reschedule appointments accordingly. Next, we created an architecture that was designed to help patients locate crucial information. Foundry512 also improved RDCH’s website security in order to meet HIPPA regulations. Afterward, we focused on expanding RDCH’s reach by implementing social media campaigns and enhancing local search results. This marketing plan improved patient engagement, brand awareness, and rheumatic disease education. In conclusion, Foundry512 was able to create the ideal website for RDCH and their patients.