BCS_Regional Association of Realtors - portfolio mockup


Home to approximately 1000 different realtors, Bryan-College Station Regional Association of REALTORS® or BCSRAOR manages over 1800 individual properties. BCSRAOR is the central repository for all of the real estate information in Brazos Valley. To become the authority of real estate for brokers and agents in this region, BCSRAOR has continuously engaged in community events.


BCSRAOR’s outdated website did not work on mobile devices. Nor did it provide potential clients with a user-friendly experience. Without proper website maintenance, many of the website’s features had stopped working altogether. Due to this, potential clients left the site without crucial contact information. BCSRAOR’s situation provided us with the challenge of seamlessly incorporating several data sources, such as property listings, agents, map search, property mapping, and service providers into one user-friendly system.


Our first step in development was to create a custom solution that allowed data syncs to occur. We successfully integrated this solution with three different RETS feeds: property, agent, and service provider listings. To make this information easily accessible and user-friendly, we designed a front-end control system to parse raw data into a single display. Doing so made it possible for users to create custom searches that would return data built in real time. This cloud-based system can aptly accommodate high traffic demands while providing excellent security standards. In addition, we built a comprehensive, mobile-friendly framework that can maintain over 100,000 visitors each month.