SC FOY - portfolio mockup


Founded in 1845, S.C FOY is a well-known manufacturer of luxury leather. The company’s humble beginning is attributed to its founder, Samuel Calvery Foy. His goal of providing quality leather goods to customers has sculpted S.C FOY’s business formula throughout the years. Due to this high-quality standard, S.C FOY has won several awards for their craftsmanship. S.C FOY takes pride in the fact that original family members continue to handle the production of luxury leather goods.


The S.C FOY website was non-functional at best. At worst, the site lacked mobile support and an eCommerce platform. Without these key features, the company was unable to effectively implement digital marketing campaigns.


Foundry512 came to the rescue promptly. We redeveloped the broken technology on the site and enhanced the overall design to make it more user-friendly. Then, we created a mobile-friendly platform capable of featuring large, high-resolution images on a tiny screen. This made it possible for S.C FOY to show off their products in an immaculate fashion. To improve brand awareness, Foundry512 established a basic promotional campaign. Implementing this marketing move successfully generated new business and increased traffic flow to S.C FOY’s website. In conclusion, Foundry512 was able to provide S.C FOY with a full-functional website of the highest quality.