Cormack Music Festivals and Performance Tours is a group travel company that specializes in student travel. The founder of this company, Curtis Cormack, aspires to help students travel to music festivals and performances around the world. The Cormack company takes pride in being easily accessible to their clients throughout the entire travel experience. By following this method, Cormack is able to provide students, educators, and administrators with an outstanding service that sets them apart from their competitors.


Campaign Elements

Cormack Music Festival & Performance Tours

Custom Website and CRM system, Group Travel Billing System, Fliers, T-Shirts, Business Cards, Display Backdrops, Pens, Identity Collateral, Official Logo, Virtual Reality Destination Tours, Web Promo Video

With you from start to finish.

Inspire and Elevate

Global Virtual Tours

Explore music festival destinations, preview upcoming tourist venues, and interact with global tour guides in real time.

Simulated example of wearing the Gear VR and seeing the 360 degree content

In collaboration with Cormack Music Festivals & Performance Tours, Foundry512 assisted with establishing the initial Cormack brand, identity, collateral, and billing system. Our work extends beyond traditional means to include both digital and virtual landscapes, such as the Cormack logo, identity collateral, custom websites, group travel billing system, web video, and interactive conference displays.

Group Travel
Billing System

The group travel billing system allows individual participants to make their own scheduled payments, view/print boarding passes, see group travel on maps in real time, offered boarding/room list updates, and trip announcements.