Consumer Goods takes note of Darke Spirits campaign.

The ‘Darke Spirits’ campaign was an exciting success for everyone involved, and it goes to show the impact that technology can have when deepening the relationship between brands and people.

In this brief article in Consumers Goods, you’ll learn all about the ‘Darke Spirits’ campaign and its game-changing AR experience. The article explains the mobile AR campaign and its spooky twist, and how geo-targeted advertising enabled people to interact with ghouls and ghosts and win Halloween packs from the popular German liquor brand.

Interlaced with short videos, this article captures the campaign’s joyful Halloween theme. It illuminates how our relationships with Jägermeister and Foursquare, combined with our 5-1-2 framework, created an unforgettable experience among consumers and Jägermeister lovers across the nation.

Learn more about the ‘Darke Spirits’ campaign in Consumer Goods.