F512 and GVTC Announce Partnership

Foundry512 has partnered with the industry-leading, community-lifting telecommunications company that has been serving South-Central Texas since 1951, GVTC. 

With this partnership, we will be helping the homegrown Internet, TV, phone, and security provider, as well as its nonprofit The GVTC Foundation, to create deeper, more meaningful relationships with its customers and communities. 

And as a full-service advertising agency that crafts experiences and compels connections between brands and consumers, Foundry512 is optimizing GVTC’s customer experience (CXO) across their digital presence with the goal of elevating the brand’s reach, positive impact, and emotional connection. 

GVTC President and CEO, Ritchie Sorrells, says, “Working with Foundry512, we’re optimistic about the new, refreshed, and customer-centered experiences GVTC is about to embark on.”

For decades, GVTC has worked to become a welcomed and neighborly member of communities all across South-Central Texas. This partnership represents a welcomed opportunity to leverage our shared creative vision, fueled by insight, to guide growth and establish the foundation for a brand that will impact South-Central Texas for years to come.

“We’re very excited to be working with GVTC and their entire team,” President of Foundry512 Aaron Henry said. “We have already established immense synergy for creative collaboration, and we’re looking forward to updating the GVTC website and The Foundations’ website to create a digital experience in line with the consistency and reliability of the technology they use to power their service.”

As we apply our collaborative framework to envision their perspective, realize their vision and grow in tandem, Foundry512 will be creating a web design that highlights GVTC’s mission to profoundly enhance the quality of life in the communities they serve and forge lifelong relationships with the people of those communities.